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fma week; elrics [day 12]

through the years


Melon nappin’ in my lap

bad brains-ish talk? not exactly but kinda

ive been thinking lately that maybe one reason i have trouble doing things like project myself in the future or like….. not blame myself for everything that goes wrong…. is that? i dont really conceptualize myself as? an actual person? but more as an extension of my family / a receptacle for teachings / an investment / a thing that will help

i dont know if that makes sense? but like. its so hard for me to want things that are more complex than ‘a nice kebab’ ‘a dog’ ‘to not cry’, it’s hard and scary and i feel like i legitimately can’t want things, it’s a physical/mental impossibility because i am not a person with a future i am

??? something small

*systematically blocks every disney rule 63 post and yet MORE KEEP APPEARING*


A little somethin for my favorite characters in our current series, The Wolf Among Us! Holly definitely told Gren which tattoo shop to go to. And was probably there with him when he got it, really. And has seen it like 3 times. But it healed pretty nice, didn’t it?